Spicy Thai @ Shangri-La (the Line)

Posted on May 21, 2013


I have always wanted to try the Line in Shangri-La as it is by far one of the highly raved International Buffets in Singapore. Thanks to my fellow blogger pal, Celes from Celestialdelish.com who invited me to a media event, was I able to finally get a whiff of the spread.

The day after the tasting, I flew to Thailand. It was all part of the plan, Not. AiMakan’s readers are lucky because I am able to do some real comparisons between the Line’s and the real deal.20130517-043522.jpgThe ‘Spicy Thai’ promotion by Chef Ratree Khongthong runs between 17th to 26th May 2013.

The dishes that I am about to present to you were served in petite dollops unlike how it would be arranged during the actual buffet.20130517-043436.jpg

Yam Som O

White pomelo salad with shallot flakes.

The tangy salads came in dainty morsels. A slight tinge of bitterness and acidity aftertaste, was refreshing and light on the palates.20130517-043420.jpg

Lab Gai

Minced Chicken with ground rice with Mint leaves.

I was fooled by these harmless looking nibbles as I pop a whole into my mouth. You should have seen my face flushed and it was not my blusher. The seasoned meat was flavourful but do take in moderation, you wouldn’t want looking like a pink panther the entire evening.20130517-043429.jpg

Yam Woon Sen

Spicy glass noodles with poached prawn.

I gobbled down the fresh crisp prawn to subdue the spiciness from the Lab Gai. The glass noodles were not a strong focus taste wise, it was easily forgotten.20130517-043445.jpg

Hor Mok Soufflé

Steamed fish mousse in Pandan leaf.

If you are dumbfounded by the profound description of the dish, it is only Otah lah. It was delicate, a little more dense in taste than what I remembered. I thought it was nicely executed by chef.20130517-043504.jpg

Tom Yum Goong


Spicy prawn soup with lemongrass and coriander.

One slurp and I felt something was missing. It wasn’t easy figuring out what was lacking then the PR decided to ask the Chef. Mystery solved. The Line’s rendition is not the Bangkok styled which we are used to, the recipe is from Chiang Mai.20130520-114855.jpg

Kaeng Khiew Wan Gai


Green curry with chicken and eggplant.

One of my favourite Thai grubs is this in particular. There is something about Green Curry that is captivating to me and I just can’t explain it. You should have guessed how happy I was when I saw it on the dinner menu that evening. I practically licked my portion dry.20130517-044134.jpg

Khao Niew Mamuang

Sticky rice with mango.

Any visit is incomplete if you did not consume any of these, sticky rice dessert. It doesn’t really matter if you are going with mango or durian, just having it with either is fine. Frankly, I didn’t quite fancy this one in particular or maybe its because the mango was no where comparable to the ones I had in Thailand.

Kluay Thod Nga Khao

Banana Fritters with sesame.


Say Hi to Chef Ratree Khongthong (right) and the Sous Chef of the Line, Chef Ryan Dadufalza (left).

Overwhelmed by the Spicy Thai themed dinner we had, I was unable to picked anything else from the actual spread. Well, I guess there would be a next time when I really get to savour their main feast.

Mon, Wed & Sun : $72++ per adult (including coffee & tea)
Fri, & Sat : $78++ per adult (including coffee & tea)
Tue & Thu : $92++ per adult (including free flow of hour pour, sparkling wines, red and white wines, draft beer, soft drinks, chilled juices, coffee & tea)
$36++ per child for all days (including soft drinks & chilled juices)

Each guest will be welcomed with a complimentary blend of Tom Yum Mojito and subsequent helpings will be charged at $10++.

*This is an invitation initiated by Josephine from Shangri-la, Thank you Celes for asking me along.*

Address: Shangri-La Hotel, the Line. 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350

Tel: +65 6213 4398

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Mon – Fri) 12.00pm – 2.30pm
(Sat, Sun, PH) 12.00pm – 3.00pm

Dinner (Daily) 6.00pm – 10.30pm

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