Cheese Brownies @ The Baker’s Story

Posted on June 2, 2013


I am here to review an array of desserts today and no thanks to the title hint, you should have already guessed what they are.

Have you encountered days when you are just too indecisive about your preference of confection? Or how about occurring a throbbing head while pondering on which to select, a Chocolate Cake or Cheese Cake?20130528-070355.jpgIt does not matter whether you are a chocolate fanatic or an avid cheese fan, you get the best of both worlds at The Baker’s Story. I am talking about embodying Cheesecake onto Brownies.

You never have to make a choice anymore.

20130528-070419.jpgI was lucky to be given a box of six variant flavours to sample.

(top left -> right)
Orange Cheese Brownie ($2.80)
Banana Brownie ($2.20)
Crunchy Cheese Brownie ($2.80)

(bottom left -> right)
Signature Cheese Brownie ($2.20)
Mint Cheese Brownie ($2.30)
Walnut Chocolate Brownie ($2.30).


Crunchy Cheese Brownie.

The Chef’s favourite. I like their Signature cheese brownie but this variation is way better. You get that inviting texture with a crisp base and luscious chocolate and cheese.

I prefer a much bitter and less sugary recipe but it was manageable.


Banana Brownie

I can’t imagine how would anyone hate bananas (yes, I do have friends who don’t). Me, I love that fruit so it was a breeze reaching out to my first from the pack.

I had troubles picking out my favourite so I shall keep things simple by crowning them both. By the way, the rest were conveniently polished away by my family without my knowledge.

Cheese Brownies are also available in other sizes, check out The Baker’s Story website for more details.

1st Outlet
Address: No. 8 Sin Ming Road,
#01-05, Sin Ming Centre,
Singapore 575628

Tel: +65 6452 0265

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Fridays: 12pm to 9pm
Saturday: 11am to 9pm
Sunday & public holidays: 11am to 8pm
Closed on Monday

2nd Outlet
Address: No. 1 Tras Link.
#01-09, Orchid Hotel,
Singapore 078867

Tel: +65 6604 9929

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 1030am to 630pm
Closed on weekends & public holidays

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