Earle Swensen’s @ VivoCity (Halal)

Posted on July 2, 2013


Do you know….? Earle Swensen was the name of the founder of Swensen’s and the Earle Swensen’s chain restaurants globally.

From a failed ice cream parlour in uptown San Francisco to a world known brand, Swensen’s has come far since its first flagship in 1948.20130602-015244.jpgThe renowned label has always been part of my childhood memories where my parents would reward me with, when I achieved results in school. The huge earthquake sundae with tons of ice creams and dry ice in the middle, gets me excited every single time. Even till today.

What is your favourite in Swensen’s?

Unlimited Access to Salad Buffet Bar

with every main dish ordered (also available a la carte at $13.90).20130602-014942.jpg

Seafood Chowder Bread Bowl, $10.90.

Dense, creamy chowder packed with seafood held in a sturdy bread bowl. The carbohydrate container was surprisingly fluffy and when soaked in the soup was real satisfying.

Lamb Loin Skewer, $36.90

Medium-rare is the only way to savour these meaty hunks.
20130701-140809.jpgOne of the best lamb loins I had, juicy and raw-looking as can be. Though so, I am still contemplating the fact that the price is indeed hefty for three pathetic cube sized allotments.

Come to think of it, you get free flow salad at the bar too. Okay that sounds much better now. Chomp away.

Roasted Spring Chicken.

It was one photogenic bird.
20130701-211754.jpgWith its golden wrinkly skins, I was not looking forward as my brain always register looking yummy could mean the contrary. I was overjoyed when I dug in deep into the breast and strips of tender white flesh teared off. The roasting time was spot on but they could do somoething with the flavour, it lacked something.

Apple Crumble

As much as the mains tried to excite me, the anticipation built up as we started consuming the last entree. Earle Swensen’s desserts are more or less from the same menu as that of Swensen’s, therefore this apple crumble is easily available at any outlet.

The sweet treat arrived in a piping hot pan and before digging in, a staff poured cream over. The warm substantial block along with cold vanilla ice cream, a perfect ending.

Chendol Delight & Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundaes.

I would highly recommend leaving Chendol Sundae out of your decisions, it was not appealing at all.

If you are a chocolate fanatic, the Sticky Chewy Chocolate sundae will be an excellent choice. Layers and layers of chocolate delights piled over one another, giving the dessert texture.

Earle Swensen’s is supposed to be an upscaled restaurant prior to Swensen’s but if the prices are as what they are, it will be difficult to draw customers. Food wise were decent and definitely more than what its sister outlets could offer. Though so, I would opt for Swensen’s anytime.

*This was an invitation initiated by Venny and Earle Swensen’s. Thank you for lunch and warm hospitality.*

Address : #02-117, Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk

Tel : 62723306

Opening Hours :
Mon – Fri: 10:30 – 22:30
Sat – Sun: 08:00 – 22:30

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