Lek Lim Confectionery (Halal) @ Bedok North

Posted on July 13, 2013


Hidden in a tight corner in Bedok North, near the infamous BLOCK 85 Bedok North Hawker Center is this humble setup from the 60s.

Currently ran by their third generation, this Halal kueh kueh store has been serving high quality delights to their patrons for more than two decades.


Residing in the area, I was astounded by the fact that I was unaware of this fabulous traditional confectionery. It took me forever to finally discover the place or in actual fact, they found me first through my buddy, Celestialdelish.com.

We were invited for a hands-on experience on making Ang Ku Kueh and I will present the final product to you at the end of the post so do read on please.

20130706-065946.jpgSoon Kueh 笋粿 ($0.70/pc)

Handmade with love. Every pocket is stuffed with a generous amount of fillings and pressed to perfection with a mould.

Soon Kueh (Left) and Peng Kueh (Right).

Once steamed, the relatively thin and slightly chewy outer skin is sheer enough to peep through. I adore the recipe as it is tasty enough to be consume on its own. Yes, no condiments required and it applies to both of these kuehs.


Png Kueh 饭粿 ($0.80).

All ingredients are prepared fresh daily from 4am, quality guaranteed.

Png is rice in hokkien and you would have guessed that what’s stuffed within is rice. Not just rice, glutinous rice to be exact and fried along with lots of goodies till fragrant.



Pulut Inti ($0.50).

Does these look familiar?

Owner, Gavan tries to keep these as traditional as possible with the banana leaves which is different from the common practice of plastic.20130711-180429.jpgGlutinous rice is cooked and dyed with blue pea flowers for the pretty blue hue. In recent days, common food dye is used instead as it is less likely to purchase the flowers nowadays.

20130711-180453.jpgWe were given the opportunity to do some hands-on with the kueh kuehs.

Grab a block of rice, place a generous amount of delectable gula melaka soaked grated coconuts over and wrap in the leaves.


Ang Ku Kueh 红龟粿 ($0.50/pc, $2.30/5pcs).

20130711-180421.jpgThe star of the day were these. Though we did not knead the dough nor did we cook up the fillings, we had fun just putting them together.

20130711-180400.jpgIt was interesting making something new apart from the usual cupcakes and cookies. (yes AiMakan bakes and who knows recipes might appear sometime soon)

Extras: Lek Lim confectionery is part of the Singapore Favorite Food 2013 (12 July – 21 July 2013)

To celebrate & reward customers who had supported them, they are introducing a SFF2013 package for the month of July only. Choose 8 pieces of nonya kueh from the below menu for $8 & we’ll throw in 6 pieces of almond cookies & 2 pineapple tarts for free.

Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Lapis Nonya, Kueh Salat Nonya, Bengka Ubi Nonya, Kotoh Ubi, Oneh Oneh Nonya, Kueh Kao Swee Nonya, Ubi Kayu Nonya & Pulut Inti.

*Only available for self collection online order & over the counter at the SFF village.

This is an invitation initiated by Gavan and thank you for the awesome chance to make some kuehs. It was a great experience.

Address: Blk 84, Bedok North Street 4,
#01-21, Singapore 460084

Tel: 6449 0815

Website: www.kuehkueh.com.sg

Opening Hours

6:30am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday
6:30am – 2pm, Sunday

Next to Bedok North, Fengshan Wet Market & Hawker Center

Nearest MRT Station Bedok & Tanah Merah.

Board bus 14, 14e & 222 from
Bedok Interchange, alight at bus stop next to Fengshan Hawker Center, travel less than 5 min by foot.

Board bus 14, 14e from Tanah Merah Station towards Bedok direction, alight at bus stop across to Fengshan Hawker Center, cross the overhead bridge & travel less than 5 min by foot.

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