10 @ Claymore (Revisited)

Posted on August 17, 2013


This is my second post on 10@Claymore and the first was dated too long back, one of the prime entries when I just started blogging. Here is the link, just in case you are curious of how far AiMakan has come.

Looking back, I realised that this blog has given me much opportunities to venture new boundaries and out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to pick up photography as a hobby and improve as time goes by.


10 @ Claymore is turning back time by featuring preparation methods that were all the vogue in the ‘60s and ‘70s with the new Timeless Plates of Pleasures that runs in the months of August and September. If you are new to 10@Claymore, it is a buffet with unlimited à la carte servings of seasonal specialties and premium meat in petite portions (aka Plates of Pleasures), in addition to a hearty spread of bistro fare and succulent seafood at the table.

Highlights include dishes such as slow roasted australian Wagyu beef dressed in mushroom crème, braised New Zealand lamb shank in a smooth Shiraz reduction, pan-seared Indo-China duck breast in a tangy citrus honey glaze and more.


Cheese Bar

(Clockwise from the top left corner) Stout Porter, Cranberry, Mt Domet Brie, Stripey Jack, Smoked, Port Wine, Lime & Chilli and Kikorangi (blue).

I was fascinated by the unique selections of cheeses that were displayed. Lime & Chilli and Port Wine were AiMakan’s favourites for the evening and rest assure that both are not overwhelming unlike the blue which needs some getting used to.

Iberico Pork Ham


(Left) Canadian Taylors oysters. (Right) French Fine De Claire oysters.


The Taylors oysters were beautiful, fat and firm. I had half a dozen, went home dissatisfied and wished I had more. The Fine De Claires were less substantial and had a perculiar taste, I refused to consume extras.meats

steakI had my fair share of the relatively browned on the exterior, near rare slices. The evenly marbled portion was heavenly which I would gladly abide with additional servings.scallop

Canadian Handpicked Scallops with XO sauce

Individual scallop arrived in a dainty miniature ‘boat’. Lightly battered and fried, the chunky molluscs were fairly done. I would think the XO sauce compliments a freshly steamed scallop better.

Pacific Ocean Depth Sea Perch.


Australia Kobe Wagyu Beef in Mushroom Creme.

The meat was medium rare, awesome. Mushroom creme had hint of truffle, double yay. Every cube was soft to bite and required near zero effort to chew. A definite keeper.

Free Range Lamb Shank in Shiraz Reduction.


Indo-China Farmed Duck Breast with Citrus Glaze.


Penang Spicy Prawn Noodle.

Base was dense with a good punch. I was stuffed when this came and I am guilty of getting just a sip of the soup. It was nice, not something I would dig into at a buffet though. You know lar, carbs.

Penang Char Kway Teow

Having being back from Penang just 2 weeks ago, I would say 10@Claymore’s rendition of the infamous dish was not all that bad. crepecrepe1

Crepes with assorted ingredients.


I had this as appetiser, yes not soup or salad. My strategy was to have desserts before my tummy was jammed with all the other goodies.

10 @ Claymore continues to be one of my preferred buffet locations with its high quality grubs. They may not have an extensive choice but with frequent revisions on the Plates of Pleasure ala-carte menu, it is worth revisiting again and again.

*This is an invitation initiated by Pan Pacific, 10 @ Claymore. Thank you for having me that evening.*

Dinner S$59++ (Monday to Thursday)
Dinner S$62++ (Friday to Sunday)
Brunch S$68++ (Sunday)

*Price stated is not applicable for credit card discounts and other promotions.
For dining enquiries and reservations, please call 6737 0811 or email eat.sgo@panpacific.com.

Pan Pacific Orchard,
10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540