L’Atelier Tiramisu @ The Central

Posted on September 13, 2013


I have been searching for an ideal Tiramisu all this while and even resorted to making some of my own. But, what is a perfect Tiramisu and how would it taste like?

I have not been to Italy and definitely not had the original rendition, poor me. Well, I was recently invited to a ‘tiramisu workshop’ in the Central and I bet it was probably the closest I could get to the actual thing.

IMG_6310- shop front

IMG_6351- brand

Whole Cake (7″) – $48 (all flavours)

L’Atelier Tiramisu directly translates into Tiramisu Workshop and their open concept kitchen allows customers to get a glimpse of their cake fabrication process.
IMG_6322- icedtea

Rose Petals Tea (served Hot, $3 or Iced, $6).

I am featuring the cold brew as it shouts more in terms of character. If you are wondering why the ices acquire a pretty pink hue, here’s how it goes. The ingenious owner told me that those ices are made with the tea we order so as it does not dilute the drink, awesome yea?

IMG_6329- icedtea

While you could choose between four variant flavours for the hot teas, the iced are only limited to two types; Camomile and Rose Petals. Refreshing and aromatic, compliments the desserts well.

Apart from teas, the workshop also serves quality coffee with beans from Liberty Beans. Not only are the beans used for serving as drinks, they are also utilised in their Classico tiramisu to enhance the aroma in the cake.
IMG_6395- original

Classico Tiramisu Slice, $6.80

Let’s advance into the main topic of the day, the one thing we have all been waiting for.

As we dug in with excitement, the burst of alcoholic aroma engulfed the mouth. The coffee liquor soaked fingers were layered with mascarpone cheese mixture and chocolate shavings, all soft and flavourful.
IMG_6400- dark cherry

Dark Cherry Slice, $6.80

My favourite of the day.

The classico may be the classic but the Dark Cherry was equally good or maybe even better. It was more hefty in taste probably due to the liquors used, orange liqueur and cognac. If you are into having a substantial slice to end a busy work day, I would highly recommend this.
IMG_6372- sampler

Sampler Set, $15 / 5 mini portions

For you indecisive people out there, there have a sampler set of five petite potions of the four flavours they offer.

Classico, Dark Cherry, Lychee and Matcha.

I, personally would not go for these as they are less tasty compared to the real deal. According to the owners; Sherwin and Amelia, the sampler is of only one layer of ladyfingers (the pastry not the veg) and the marscapone cheese mixture thus will not be as tasteful on palates.

Feeling tempted? Drop by the central today and get your own.

As for me, I am so going down to get my fix soon.

* This invitation is initiated by Amelia from L’Atelier Tiramisu. Thank you, Sherwin and Amelia for the lovely desserts. They were awesome.*

Address :

The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817
(Clarke Quay MRT, Exit F)

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