AiMakan goes indoor and cook?

Posted on June 24, 2011


Please tell me you are exhilarated to see the runny centre, or this entry would be written in vain. This is my first ever recipe post, I may be a little green but do read on, please~; with a cherry on top?

Let’s start making some Homemade Ni-Tamago (LAVA egg).

Stop looking at the burnt patches on the sides, I am not going to blame my absent-minded mom but it is indeed atrocious. With the concerns aside; let’s move on, shall we?

STEP ONE : Boil a pot of water.

STEP TWO : Once it’s boiling, bring fire down till water just bubbles.

Just before putting in your eggs (right from the fridge), set your timer at SEVEN minutes.
(Now, this is the trick; so do make sure you follow this closely.)

STEP THREE : Using a ladle, add in eggs gently. DO NOT COVER. Start timer.

When all the eggs are in, do ensure that the water still bubbles; not boiling.

Treat the eggs with tender care, or you will get something like this. No worries though, it will still turn out pretty nicely after removing the shell.

Next up, STEP FOUR : while waiting for the minutes to run by, prepare a bowl of icy cold water; topping it up with ices would be even better.

[the icy water is used to soak the ready-done eggs so as to stop ‘cooking’ immediately, within the embryo.]

Once the SEVEN minutes are up,

STEP FIVE : Bathe all in the bowl of chilled water.

STEP SIX : Deshell cooled eggs and …..

There you have it! Your homemade Ni-Tamago served.

Here’s my version of a bruised Ni-Tamago, which is impossible to teach. The sauce used to immerse, is a secret recipe from my Grandmom. But if; by any chance you have your own sauce to use, like maybe from your mom’s Lor bak dish; here’s how to bruise the eggs.

1) Get a cleaned large ZipLock bag.
2) Pour in the sauce.
3) Drop in your eggs and insure that they are fully submerged.
4) Air tight/remove all air before zipping up.
5) Leave bagged eggs in fridge for at least a day for the best results.

*p/s: Do finish them within a couple of days to ensure freshness.*

Any questions regarding the recipe, please do not hesitate to comment. Good luck on your own Tamago and have a great weekend ahead.

yours sincerly,