Jewel Cafe and Bar @ Rangoon Road

Posted on July 18, 2013


Sitting along a street that is infamous for the legendary Bak Kut Teh (Pork Rib soup) stores and a couple other eateries, is this solitary cafe and bar.

Jewel Cafe and Bar is the second outlet apart from their first artisanal coffee shop, Jewel Coffee. What makes this particular one stand out, is its humble presence in a tumble neighbourhood and edgy outlook.
20130618-204901.jpgChoose between al fresco and indoor sittings for a distinct ambience. A diner with contemporary interior furnishing and embellishments, enough to keep me busy gazing about.

I could totally chill out with my friends all day long, with coffee and light bites followed by cocktails and dinner. It was cosy.

French Onion soup, $8.

We started off with a tasting portion of the soup. (you will receive a better and more substantial helping for the price paid.)

Flavourful caramelised onion based stock capped with cubed baguette croutons and browned melted cheeses (Swiss cheese, Parmesan and gruyere).

Praise the Lard.

Not your usual soldiers made of Vegemite or Marmite. The bacon jam is made in-house and it kinda tasted like spreadable Bak Kwa. It would have been great if I could bring a bottle of these home.

Shio-Koji Octopoke, $12.

Chef Alvin Tan decided to whip up an unique starter adjacent to a Hawaiian raw fish salad, poke. This appetiser commonly includes seafood such as fish or octopus, tossed with tomatoes, onions and condiments.

While adopting similar ingredients from the original recipe, chef decided to add a little twist, shio-koji (a Japanese fermented rice marinate) and wasabi. I would say the taste was peculiar, took some time getting used to.

OMG! Burger, $20

Will you go ‘Oh My God’ with the first bite? Sadly, it did not fare enough for that exclamation in my opinion.

I would agree that it was decent with an inviting ingredient, a slab of luncheon meat. The patty was a mean medium rare with a pretty pink centre but it really was just a burger.

Umami prawn capellini, $22.

Another pretty picture.

Miso presa iberico, $34.

Do not be disturb by the fancy name, it is only a hunk of pork. The Spain import is marinated in a unique Japanese brine made of miso and mirin. I liked the slight caramelised surface and how tender it came out to be. A gem in the jewel’s tavern.

Chilean black cod, $32.

I adore cod. They are yummy and easy to consume but with one condition; the freshness. It is always a pity when a piece of cod arrives in front you and taste stale, epic failure.

Jewel’s rendition was as follows, full-flavoured and mellow. I was skimping on my pathetic portion as we shared among four, allowing every delicate morsel to gently slide onto my fork before sending them into my mouth.

Apple Crumble.

Literally crumbs.

Fragrant apple pulps poached with cinnamon buried within crumbles. A warm bed of pleasant treats topped with cold creamy ice cream, what’s better to end the day with?

Pan-Seared Watermelon Steaks, $9.

I could see that squinched face of yours when you glanced at the photo of this interesting fare.

The longated cubes were unusually temperate, drizzled with reduced balsamic and served with a tarty sorbet. Bizarre yet remarkably inviting.20130618-204848.jpg

I am impressed by the idealistic menu, Owner Adrian and Chef Alvin had created in their own kitchen.

I would try it again on my own account to determine their consistency and till then, you readers should probably drop by Jewel Cafe and check this place out on your own. I heard they serve up some mean beans too.

*This is a tasting invitation initiated by ChenYze and Jewel Cafe. Thank you for the opportunity to taste those creations.*

Address : 129 Rangoon Rd
Singapore 218407

Tel : 6298 9216

Opening hours
Tues – Thurs: 9am-10pm
Fri – Sat: 9am-midnight
Sun: 9am-10pm
Closed on Mon.

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