Sunday Brunch Buffet @ Lime

Posted on July 23, 2013


AiMakan is currently on a strict diet to purge out whatever accumulated in her ballooning belly and this brunch buffet had to happen at this ‘perfect’ moment.

I had to go slow and steady that afternoon, reminding myself to binge on the salad bar and refrain from looking at sweets. Clearly impossible and there goes a fortnight of hardwork.Lime2
Lime is a chip of the newest addition to the PARKROYAL Singapore family, PARKROYAL at Pickering. Sitting on a restrained space along Upper Pickering Street, right across the notable Hong Lim Hawker Centre.
The dashing restaurant and bar serves up both ala-carte and buffet options at various sittings. I was extremely appreciative of the comforting atmosphere and hospitality, Lime and its crew delivered.

Free flow Piper Heidsieck Champagne


Chilled Seafood Corner.


Assorted Desserts


Breads and Pastries Corner.


Assortment of Cheeses

I was overwhelmed by the choices arranged in the spread. There was a selection of TEN variant cheeses available.

Let’s see how many can I manage to recollect.

• Camembert
• Blue Cheeses
• Emmental

Okay, that is about all. You can’t blame me, with all the other temptations laying around eager for my recognition.

Pan-seared Foie Gras

Plated with apple compote and passionfruit pulps, the fatty liver was parched crisp on the surface and still soft in the middle.

It may not be the best grade of foie gras, yet I was satisfied with the generous slab that was served.

Rack of Lamb and Steak

The sight of a pink centre of the roast was exhilarating. The awesome raw looking flesh on the bones were tender and juicy.

I was not pleased with the beef as the cut given was rubbery and tough. The sides of aspharagus and gratin were however, favourably gorgeous.


In-House Laksa

My tactic to a worthwhile trip during a buffet is strictly avoiding all CARBs which means Laksa should obviously be out of the picture. This hardly photogenic bowl of oily, orangey gravy and thick rice noodles were raved by fellow bloggers.

I saw no reason not to dig into this luscious portion, yes CARBs were not a problem when I decided to pop lesser goodies in exchange. Boy was I glad that I heeded the bloggers’ advices, the Laksa was good.


Array of desserts in cups

There were a heap of confections available at the LIME buffet, I was spoilt for choice. The capacity quota of the day was almost met so I decided to pinch and share.

Oh and I didn’t manage to grab any bites out of these pretty glasses, I just thought the picture came out quite well.

Assorted Macarons


Yes, I managed to stuffed these eventually into my brimmed stomach. I had trouble refraining from macarons and was delighted when these were joys to consume. Sweet, light shells with creamy buttercream centres.

I apologise for the limited amount of food I survived through and for the fact that I ditched my diet for this, I think I deserve a pat on the back.

The spread was acceptable with of course, hits and misses. I do suggest pigging on the Foie Gras and oysters while sipping a substantial volume of champagne to get your money’s worth. Only to be considered if you have a bottomless belly or risk suffering from indigestion.

Brunch Buffet, the damage.

$88++ per person including free flow fresh juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea
$128++ per person including free flow Piper Heidsieck Champagne and selected Red/White House Wine, fresh juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

*This was an invitation initiated by Mango PR Asia and Lime @ PARKROYAL at Pickering. Thank you for the sumptuous brunch and hospitality received.*

Address: 3 Upper Pickering Street

Tel: 68098899

Operating Hours
Daily: 06:30 – 10:30
Daily: 12:00 – 14:30
Daily: 18:30 – 22:30

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