Standing Sushi Bar @ Queen st.

Posted on July 26, 2011


Born and bred in a family with distinctive taste-buds, scouting for palatable Japanese cuisine has always been my auxiliary calling. Having a gang of piggish peers doesn’t help, more work instead.

I have been eyeing at a particular vicinity for quite sometime now, 8QSAM (8 Queen street, Singapore Arts Museum) which houses a couple of crowd-pleasing taverns namingly; Food for Thought and one that I am going to blog about today.
Tachizushi bars or more commonly known as Standing sushi bars expect customers to eat while standing and can be conveniently found in Japan’s busy subways.

Our own laid-back versions are outlets instituted in Queen street (8QSAM) and Marina Bay link mall; and the name of the restaurant, the Standing Sushi Bar (SSB). To accommodate to the less hustling muster, our SSB is fully furnished with tables and chairs. Heng ah.

Natto and a quail yolk. ($5+)

Paired with strips of seaweed, chopped bits of spring onions, a dash of wasabi and a raw yolk, to be relished after lumping
everything together. Add daps of soya sauce for taste, enjoy the gooey texture. Do not be alarmed by the spiderweb-like strands while having the fermented beans, it’s supposed to be that way. No strands, not natto.
Yakiniku Bento set. ($20++)
The single-portioned rice box comprised of three ample helpings of variant dishes; including..
a miscellany of daily fresh sashimi,

the main; brilliantly stir-fried marinated shaved beef slices with onions and a decent slab of grilled mackerel (not pictured).

Salmon skin sushi. Complimentary on a hardly barren sunday; lucky us.

Lightly seared surface and unaffected meat beneath, braced with heedfully prepared vinegared rice. Superb fare.

Attentive and prompt service, easeful atmosphere, economical sets menu and gratifying grubs. Tell me who in the right mind won’t be back for more?

8 Queen Street
Unit 01-03 8QSAM
Singapore 188535
Tel: (65) 6333 1335
Opening Hours

Mon – Sun (Lunch)11:30am – 3:00pm, last order 2:30pm
Mon – Fri (Happy Hour)6:00pm – 8:00pm
Mon – Sun (Dinner)6:00pm – 10:00pm, last order 9:30pm
Parking available at Hotel Royal @ Queen and the SMU Admin building

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