Irvin’s Seafood @ Jalan Leban

Posted on August 4, 2012


Irvin’s Live Seafood House is apparently a seafood restaurant initiated by a guy named….(you shall finish the sentence for me, alright?). 20120801-002926.jpgHaving relocated from the initiatory locale at River Valley road and currently anchored at a more remote district in Upper Thomas road (Jalan Leban), there stands distinctive twin eateries that are great in their own individual ways.

As comparable to two dissimilar sisters who beg to differ, Irvin’s and Leban HK cafe will be featured in two independent reviews.
20120801-005646.jpgIrvin’s Live Seafood House shall have the honour of being appraised first since it bears the name of the owner.

Salted Egg Yam Chips – $9.80

Salted egg yolk dressing over a bed of crunchy yam chips. A potent appetiser like this would win you over too, wouldn’t it?20120802-122430.jpg

Butter Chicken, $15.80 (S) $18.80 (L)

20120802-122455.jpgGolden crisp chicken bites drenched in viscous buttery sauce with a dash of chilli padi and curry leaves for additional tang and fragrance. Anything fried and luscious like this, should not disappoint much or at least this did not.

20120801-004344.jpgSpecial Pork Ribs, $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)

Chunky allotments of Ribs glazed in the chef’s ‘special, as according to the title’ sauce. Every morsel was juicy and tender with a burst of tang and sweetness.20120802-113400.jpg

Balachan Egg Plant, $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)


Red Tilapia with Special Sauce, $32

Bearing an expression, the fish looked horrified. This particular course is still relatively new and has yet to be placed on the menu, so do let the crew know if you would like to have this on your visit.

The fresh catch was showered over with a unique blend of spicy concoction and was polished up so fast, you would knew it was a sure winner.

20120801-003048.jpgBlack Pepper Crab, $19.90 (S). $29.90 (M). $48 (Per 1kg)20120801-003042.jpgThe favoured crustacean in Irvin’s menu with eleven variant cooking methods to choose from, I was bowled over.

Black pepper, a common preferred choice when you feast in a local eatery was served. I have had too many renditions and this was just another. It did carry a mean punch though, leaving a few other bloggers moaning in pain. Oral piquancy that is.20120801-003148.jpg

Salted Egg Crab, $23.90 (S) $33.90 (M) $48 (per 1kg)

As one of the prevailing sellers of the establishment, the chef has made it a point to present this dish in an extensively expressive way. Their salted egg base is a creamier version unlike any others and it appeals more to me.20120803-080023.jpg
You can preorder their Salted Egg sauce at $12 per bucket. I managed to resist all temptations and refrained myself from purchasing any else I might just gain another few pounds over the weekends.

Here’s a slight overview of the interior of Irvin’s. Hidden in the right bottom corner of the photograph, conversing with two pretty ladies is the Chef himself.

My experience at dinner that day was pleasant. I would bring my parents over for the Fish dish and a couple others someday. Yes I will.

20120804-113552.jpgKungPow Fried Salmon Skin, $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)

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*This tasting invitation was initiated by Irvin’s. Thank you for having us*

Address: 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6836 5020

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 11pm