Bornga Korean BBQ @ VIVOcity

Posted on August 3, 2013


After the successful launch of their first outlet at the Star Vista mall in mid October 2012, Bornga advanced into its second one in VivoCity.20130725-082143.jpg

This 130-seater outlet is divided into three areas with one section facing Sentosa.

Each grill is equipped with an extendable exhaust that looked alot like an elephant’s nose. It acts as a vacuum to educt smoke from around the barbeques. It looks humourously adorable and I seemed like a fool tickled by this strange object when I first saw it.
Let the barbeque begin!


Mansinjang Samgyupsal – $24 / 200g

Tenderized pork belly with parsley flakes, salt & pepper.


I love my pork fatty, especially those lovely bellies. Yes, I am on a diet but please allow me to indulge one in a blue moon?

Salt and pepper. Those are the two key ingredients essential to make these babies tasty. Keep it simple, that’s the recipe. You bet I kept my plate full with a mountain of these meaty treats.

Woosamgyup – $28 / 200g

Chef Paik’s patented recipe of thinly-sliced US beef short plate seasoned in BORNGA’s secret marinade.20130725-082242.jpgI did not heed the service staff’s advice of grilling these longer and I felt ashamed after sending one overdone slice into my mouth. They were gorgeous.
20130725-082312.jpgPlease do keep them on the grill as the marinade caramelises as time goes by. You will not regret it, I promise.

Yangnyum Dwaeji Galbi – $33 / 250g


If you enjoy substantial bites of meats, you are going to love these.


Bornga Bulgogi, $45 (serves 2 to 3)

Beef fillets, tons of vegetables and glass noodles piled on a bubbling steamboat with Bornga’s sweet homemade gravy.


Dwaeji Gohchujang Barbeque , $36.

Served on a piping hot hotplate, these red spicy pork slices were first grilled in-house and fried with spring onions. If you wish to have something fast and quick, this could be it.

Bornga is definitely not your average Korean BBQ restaurant. I would however be thrilled if they could serve buffet instead of ala carte, you know what I mean.

*Thank you sixth sense and Bornga for the invitation, it was a great evening with a brimming tummy.

The Star Vista, #02-24, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617. Tel: +65 6694 4696

VivoCity, #02-123/124, 1 Harbourfront Avenue, Singapore 098585. Tel: +65 6376 8268

Opening Hours:
11:30am to 10.00pm Daily

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