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Posted on June 18, 2013


As I was browsing through my blog and unpublished photographs for Father’s Day dining ideas, I chanced upon my images taken at Ito-Kacho.

No, I did not neglect this first ever out-of-Japan Ito-Kacho Yakiniku outlet. I shall confess, I did deliberately left it out for a while as I wish to re-evaluate on my own account. 20130608-151840.jpgDo bear with me as we swift through the usual boring introduction.

It was almost half a decade back when Ito Kacho was set up by Sumikin Bussan, a large Japanese corporation with the intention of feeding top quality Wagyu to the masses.

Wagyu Tongue (80gram for $29, 120gram for $39).

The first thing that struck me while I was skimming through the menu was this. If you have been following AiMakan long enough, you would have known that I am up for anything quirky.
Before you go ‘ewww’ at the sight of these darlings, do try them out and you might be in awe. Forget the usual texture of beef, the sliced tongue is somewhere between chewy and tender upon grilled.


Wagyu Toku-Jo-Bara
(Premium Short Rib; $50 for 80g, $69 for 120g)
Wagyu Tomo-Bara, Karubi Plate
($36 for 80g, $49 for 120g)
Wagyu-Sasami, Flank Steak
($50 for 80g, $69 for 120g)
Wagyu-Kainomi, Flap Meat
($22 for 80g, $29 for 120g)

20130608-014219.jpgWatch them sizzle and brown under the electric and vacuum setup. That explains the smokeless environment in this Yakiniku restaurant which means I could leave the place smelling less like a slab of barbeque meat.
20130608-014244.jpgWait patiently till you get slight grill marks on the surfaces and savour each tender piece. Do make sure that you don’t overcook any of it, they are gems in the meat world.

Tsubo-Zuke-Kurobuta, Pork Collar (180g for $19).

20130608-014102.jpgPork collar is slightly fatty and so doesn’t dry out easily. At Ito-Kacho, the pork collars are stripped and marinated with their very own recipe in a jar.

I prefer grilling slightly longer till every morsel gets a bit of char.

Oo-Ebi Yaki, Jumbo Prawns ($24).


King Crab Yaki ($38).

20130608-011307.jpgThe king crab claws were served cooked and chilled. Diners can choose to savour the meat in the claws as they were or thrust them on the grill.

As for me, I like them piping hot.

Assorted Desserts ($19.90).

Desserts were the common varieties, mochis and assorted ice creams such as Goma (black sesame) and Vanilla. The party that evening needed something sweet to end the meal, don’t we all do?
20130608-011250.jpgDo be prepared let it rip your wallet if you intend to feast. The portions were not substantial but considering the quality of the cuts of meat, they were decent.

I love the cow lined up with crystals, how I wish I could ‘steal’ a piece or two.

Address: 333A Orchard Road (Mandarin Gallery)

Tel: 68360111

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:00 – 14:00
Mon – Fri: 18:00 – 23:00
Sat: 11:00 – 23:00
Sun & PH: 11:00 – 22:00

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