Kiseki @ Orchard Central

Posted on November 23, 2012


This is the only entry I had deliberately kept back from publishing for three whole months. I am guilty for keeping it on hold for too long but I do have a valid reason for it.

I loved this place so much that I wanted to keep mum about it. After realising how many people already knew, I decided to finally let loose.20121122-004735.jpgApart from the initial invited visit, I am proud to announced that I have since stepped in twice on personal accounts and loving every minute of it.

My family and friends enjoyed the lavish spread and had no doubts of revisiting.


The interior design of the buffet area is rather quaint with numerous odd looking statues lurking around yet still quite pleasing.
The food is calling out to us, let the feast begin.



Pretty presentations with not as delightful contents. Kept heated in a steamer and to be devoured while it is hot. An excellent starter to help warm the tummy up before the chilled favourites that follows.


Salmon Sashimi

My absolute must-haves at buffets but they have to be fresh. Whack those sashimis and get your money’s worth, ditch those sushis that comes with rice.



I was hooked onto this when I had it the first time round, at the tasting. This is porridge, Japanese style. Soft carbohydrates in Umami broth, try it for yourself and then you know what I meant.



Personal hotpots.



Pan fried potato pancakes at a Japanese buffet? Interesting and nicely done.

Tepanyaki Station, Ala-minute


Pasta Station, Ala minute.



Crisp and not over done. Kiseki did it well with excellent frying skills and ingredients.


Grilled goodies.

Do try some Yakitori (grilled chicken pieces) when you are there. The succulent and tender cubes of white meat were gratifying. I had half a dozen skewers of it and would have gone for more if it wasn’t for my already brimming tummy.20121121-223614.jpg

Grilled Salmon Head.

The response of the guests was overwhelming for this dish, totally unexpected. They serve the heads in batches, approximately 15 minutes apart.

My advice, stay near that area if you are a huge fan just like me.


Fresh Waffles.

20121122-011917.jpgIf you have seen my previous post on Buffet Town, I was overwhelmed by their piping hot waffles. For your information, both Buffet town and Kiseki are under the ThaiExpress group which then explains the similarity in this dessert.

Get it done ala-minute rather than receiving one from the hot plate and top it off with a scoop of ice cream, you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Assorted Mini Cakes. (subject to changes everyday.)


I am absolutely no idea what this is but I liked it.

Buffet tastings are my favourites as the standards are comparatively consistent and thus my reviews would be much more reliable.

*This tasting is initiated by ThaiExpress group and Kiseki. Thank you Chantel for the invitation.*

Address: 181 Orchard Road
#08-01/02/03 Orchard Central

Tel: 67361216